Want to Earn Bitcoin Daily?

Our Bitcoin Booster technology device is game-changing!
Join the cryptocurrency revolution today.

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Why buy a BitBooster?

Here are THREE STRONG reasons why you should purchase a BitHarvest BitBooster!

Own a Real Passive Income Producing Device!You average a profit of up to 6% to 18% in BTC per month.
Mine Bitcoin while Sleeping, 24/7Your own BTC-producing device, hosted for you. Everything is handled for you while you enjoy your Bitcoin earnings.
Earn Bitcoin Forever!Speed Up Bitcoin Mining up to three times at an Ultra-Low Cost!

Bithash Mining

BitHarvest’s Accelerated Mining Efficiency Protocol

Empowering Mining Farms

Each BitBooster is connected to a mining machine at the farms

Scalable Mining

Dual mining of BTC and BTH.
Coming Soon

Continuous Payments

Receive your bitcoin yields every single day.

Carbon Friendly

Eco-friendly solution with minimal environmental impact

Trustless Mining

Bitcoins will be sent directly to your wallet.


Fully secure through a decentralized wallet.


Marketing Material

Here is a Library of Information that you can download to learn more about the business.

Company Profile

BitHarvest - Empowering Bitcoin Quantum Acceleration.


BitHarvest and the BTH Utility Coin with a Max Supply of 21m.

Marketing Plan

Share a BitBooster by purchase SharedPlan and start earning.


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Ready to get Started?

Create your account for free to buy your BitBooster Mining Device.

Disclaimer: Crypto carries a high level of risk. Only use capital you can afford to lose. This is not a solicitation to invest. The information presented is for informational purposes only. One should evaluate their risk tolerance and personal crypto situation before spending capital.


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